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Lisa, the owner of Darn Yarn, spent many years bouncing from job to job as companies closed, moved over seas, or consolidated. As her resume grew, "When I own my own company..." thoughts rattled around in her brain. Eventually, with the help of an inheritance from her husband's Aunt Sue, she was able to open Darn Yarn. Aunt Sue had owned a quilt shop, and was a creative soul. It seemed fitting to use the inheritance to start a new creative endeavor. 

  • Darn Yarn opened it's doors in March 2010 as a one room yarn shop in Butler Pa. It quickly outgrew that one room, and eventually, the available space at the Butler location.
  • In 2012 we moved to The Center of Harmony, in Harmony PA. The Center of Harmony (COH) is an historic 1825 Opera Hall that is currently home to 4 businesses - Darn Yarn, Two Fraus Bakery, Wunderbar Coffee & Crepes, and Murderingtown Press.
  • In 2018 we moved from one space in COH to another, larger space. That's where you'll find us today, Unit D. The building is L shaped, we're on the leg at the rear of the parking lot.
  • In 2019 we flooded! 
  • In 2023 we decided to close up shop.

Who will you meet when you visit Darn Yarn?

Lisa is the owner, as stated above. She's usually in the shop. Raised in a creative family, she learned to knit as a child, made clothes for her teddy bears and rugs for her doll house, and then promptly forgot how. She taught herself to crochet in college and when people started asking more questions about knitting than crocheting in the shop, she relearned to knit. She now also spins and plays with weaving when time allows.

is in on Thursday afternoons. They're a knitting and spinning, college attending, cat loving, still deciding on a major, German speaking, happy kinda person. They help with general cleaning and restocking.

Nicole is a crocheter who helps with restocking and inventory control. She's in on Thursday mornings and covers for Lisa when illness, appointments, or emergencies arise.

Katie is a highschooler who comes in once a week to clean. 

is our shop dog. He's 50% Airedale terrier, 50% Treeing Walker Coonhound, 100 % goofball. He joined our "staff" in August 2021. He's only in when he has appointments or when Lisa or her DH are unable to get home to let him out in a timely manner. He is kept behind the counter, and spends most of his time here sleeping. 

Over the years, we've had 2 other shop dogs.
Jasmine was with us when we opened. She crossed Rainbow Bridge in May, 2016 (age 13).

Charlie Brown joined us in May, 2017. He crossed Rainbow Bridge in December, 2020 (age 7 or 8).

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