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Classes and Events

A brief note about masks and groups/classes:

The mask mandate in PA has been lifted. However, if you are uncomfortable mask-less, that's fine! Wearing a mask is acceptable here, especially if you're unvaccinated, immunocompromised, or care for someone who is.

Also, if you are unwell, please consider staying home or masking up, if it's not terribly serious. We'll miss you, but nobody wants cooties. ;)

Your cooperation helps keep your LYS (local yarn shop) a physically safe space.


Not all events listed are classes.

Please pay attention to any prerequisites, they're there for your benefit. Time is valuable, and we don't want to take up yours by covering techniques/skills that are foundational for the subject of the class (i.e. knitting in the round at a sock class).

 You may register for a class here, on the site, or visit the shop.

Registration closes at noon the business day prior to class.

It is the learner's responsibility to show up for the class/workshop. No refunds for missed classes.

Class sizes may be limited. Workshops and stitch-a-longs are generally open for more participants. 

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